a 'grey' alien with the text 'we are here / avon books' question gender an illustration of a vampire bat in the night sky with the text 'I'm hungry for your blood' when the going gets weird 'kiss me I'm german' on the German flag starship enterprise doing strange things in the name of art are we KINDER & GENTLER, yet? BIGFOOT Robin Hood was right! teddy bear with the text 'snuggle me' I don't give a Shit, I don't take any Shit, I'm not in the Shit business a picture of Shakespeare with the text 'Will Power' spock on a black background wearing his meditation robes. text says 'star trek' a hospital-style wheelchair with the text 'build ramps not bombs' if you don't like the news go out and make some of your own hand-drawn, with flowers: 'Krieg ist nicht gesund für Kinder und andere Lebewesen' A battle of wits? To the death? with YOU? chewbacca an illustration of a creature with the text 'animal' nothing was ever accomplished by a reasonable person split enz waiata blue sky with stars and the text 'may the Force be with you'