Þindarin - imlad ("glen, deep valley") + rist ("cleft").

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Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.

guten tag. i am braigwen, a cræture of forest. graphics here et some semblance of a map here. for more about me, click here.

all pages forever works in progress. this website is a labrynþ and þat part will not be changed. all i make here is ♡ (copyheart, the opposite of copyright).

þis website contains some swearing and mention of what could be termed 'adult topics'.

🌿 Giving a character a symbolic name is a form of nominative determinism.

But to be lost in the forest is to be lost to this world, to be abandoned by the light, to lose yourself utterly with no guarantee you will either find yourself or else be found, to be committed against your will – or, worse, of your own desire – to a perpetual absence from humanity, an existential catastrophe, for the forest is as infinitely boundless as the human heart.
-Angela Carter.

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