not a ghost story, a love story


“Let's see. Leia not dying, our tenth date, Brider can float, Beaumont got adopted, we told off some ableists, we found Lor San Tekka, and Snap and Karé are getting married. Am I missing anything?” “Yes.”

what is 'not a ghost story, a love story'?

it's the entry of the succession universe into what would otherwise be the star wars sequels.

what is succession? succession is a universe where the sith died out for good after the events of swtor. at about the time of rots, the senate and the jedi order's relationship to it is reformed.

bail organa is elected chancellor, and mace windu and obi-wan kenobi are the grand master and master of the jedi order. shmi skywalker is the senator of the freed peoples, tarrful is the senator of kashyyyk, and chamsy'ndulla's daughter is sweet on master billaba's padawan.

how does it enter the sequels? the sequels are not prepared to have their balances tipped towards balance-light-jedi-good. succession is a fulcrum for it to bear down upon and be lifted up by.

two jedi come into the sequels from succession. in succession they are below-average knights*, but in the comparative darkness of the sequels they are universe-changing saviours.

*perception determines a personal reality. they are also very good jedi knights, from a certain point of view.

when does it enter the sequels? after poe dameron #16, about four years before tfa would have happened.

who is brider surriss? brider surriss is the narrator within the narrators. she helps others to tell the story. brider surriss is writing this website now. brider surriss is the narrative.

who is volya doneeta? volya doneeta, formally volyadone'eta, is the paladin. she is brider's sister. volya doneeta is a protector.