Þindarin - imlad ("glen, deep valley") + rist ("cleft").

Ranger's Apprentice

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a black and white drawing, designed to be deliberately visually confusing. Will Treaty, a thin mixed Middle Eastern young man pulling a hood over his head with a thoughtful and determined expression. He is wearing his Ranger cloak, his hair is shoulder-length and wavy, and his oakleaf necklace is visible.
On his right is Horace Altman, a thick and muscled black young man much taller than Will. He has an afro, and a scar on his nose. He is smiling slightly, and is wearing a borrowed Ranger cloak.
On Will’s left, behind him, is Halt O’Carrick, a short Middle Eastern middle-aged man with curly hair, a beard, and a frown.  His face is heavily scarred, part of his oakleaf necklace is visible, and is wearing a Ranger cloak. He is in a dynamic pose, with his hand on Will’s shoulder.
The background is a tangle of shapes - a forest. a digital painting of halt and crowley from ranger’s apprentice, set several years before the main series. halt has warm brown skin and short wavy black hair, and crowley has warm pale skin and light orange hair in a ponytail. they are kissing, and crowley is holding halt’s oakleaf necklace. halt is running a hand through crowley’s hair, and the background is a pale blue sky with clouds. the marvelous vanishing man. a bust of shirtless halt o'carrick looking down and to the side, forget-me-not flowers in his grey hair and on his shoulders Horace Altman, knight of the Order of the Oakleaf.  Or was that Oak Pancake? horace is black, with a round face, gold stud earrings, and a scar on his forehead. his hair has been bleached by the sun, so at the very edges of his afro it's golden. will treaty. he has light brown skin, wavy dark brown hair that goes nearly to his shoulders, and freckles. Halt O’Carrick, grumpy dad extraordinaire.  he has brown skin, messy grey hair and beard, and multiple scars on his face. he is frowning. messy digital drawings of ferris o’carrick from ranger’s apprentice, shouting lyrics from ‘the plagues,’ the song in ‘the prince of egypt’. messy digital drawings of halt o’carrick from ranger’s apprentice, shouting lyrics from ‘the plagues,’ the song in ‘the prince of egypt’. the baddest bitch of all, pauline du’lacy! seen here taking a break to pose like a goddamn legend during the fight against morgarath. i've drawn her with brown skin and dark brown hair, and she wears a necklace stamped with a laurel branch. halt and crowley in their younger years, embracing shirtless in a forest. crowley has long red hair and freckles, and is wearing a green skirt. halt has curly black hair, a slight beard, and is wearing a brown skirt. crowley has claw scars on his shoulder, and halt has a scar on his chest and many scars on his legs. they're both wearing silver oakleaf necklaces halt o'carrick practicing archery. he stands wit one foot on a rock, just past the treeline, and is aiming up into the sky. he is not wearing his cloak, instead green tunic, trousers, his oakleaf necklace, and his belt with two knives on it. his hair and beard are salt-and-prepper grey, and there are scars on his face and hands.

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