leia organa is autistic

(from: original trilogy, sequel trilogy, kenobi series, various comics and books.)
being force-sensitive means you access and process information in different ways, and interact with the universe in different ways. textually, leia is part of a neurominority, a small group of people whose brains work in a specific way
as a child, leia often runs away from social situations she doesn't want to be in, or that she finds distressing.
as a child, leia is bothered by texture, pointing out itchy clothes as one of the main things that bothers her about the senate.
leia is blunt and says what she thinks, very often to the point of being rude, or inappropriate in the context.

  • 'aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?'
  • 'i don't know who you are, or where you came from, but from now on, you do as i tell you.'
  • 'you came in that thing? you're braver than i thought!'
  • 'your friend is quite the mercenary. i wonder if he really cares about anything. or anybody.'
  • 'i'd rather be digested by a jakobeast.'
  • 'poe, get your head out of your cockpit.'
  • 'that was impressive. well, mostly.'

  • leia has trouble identifying and understanding her own feelings, struggling to realise the nature of her feelings for han and luke. she can be unsure whether a relationship is romantic in nature, and seeks to categorize relationships (eg asking obi-wan about his relationship with her birth parents).
  • 'i'm always alright.'
  • 'what are you afraid of?' 'afraid?'

  • despite being a professional politician who knows not to trust tarkin, leia still believes him that he will spare alderaan if she tells the empire where the rebel base is.
  • 'you’re far too trusting.'

  • leia also has trust in systems when she knows that she shouldn't.
  • 'the imperial senate will not sit still for this. when they hear you've attacked a diplomatic-'
  • the new republic

  • leia does what she thinks is right, no matter what. she has a strong sense of justice that doesn't allow her to be a bystander.
  • i feel like because i can fight, i have to for those who cannot.'
  • 'but she didn't do anything!'

  • leia has a respect for unconventional and unrecognised means of communication, and people who are underestimated or not regarded as people.
  • forging an alliance with wicket and bright tree village
  • 'but what if he has something to say?'
  • 'he's rude to droids.'

  • leia requests clarification when other people might understand a situation from the context. it also occurs to her that she might not be able to speak.
  • 'i can't talk or i don't like to talk?'

  • leia's first instinct is often to be physically violent when she might have been able - especially as a politician and high-ranking rebel - to talk things out. she often struggles to control her emotions
  • almost every fight scene she's in
  • kicking han's butt, literally
  • hitting obi-wan with a chair
  • slapping and stunning poe
  • 'why, you-'

  • leia doesn't understand the implications of inviting han into her room at night, and is horrified and physically aggressive at the idea that she wanted to have sex.
    leia often feels isolated and rejected, whether from her family, from the senate, or even from the rest of the rebel alliance. she's also regarded as cold and unfeeling by some other survivors of alderaan, who are under the impression she doesn't feel anything about the loss and give her the nickname 'ice princess'.
    leia sometimes smiles when it isn't socially acceptable, like when confronted by darth vader.