Barsen'thor (ship)

Manufactured on Saleucami, Barsen'thor is a nonstandard diplomatic cruiser first used by the representives of the Rift Alliance while negotiating with Jedi Master Brider Surriss - her corvette, Serenity, would not have enough room for the senators and their retinue. After the Mending of the Rift, the ship was given to her by the members of the former alliance. While gifts recieved by Jedi are usually given away again immediately or pooled by the Order for when they become neccessary, and Brider reported the cruiser as such a gift, the Jedi Council unaminously decided that it should be indefinitely assigned to her use, due to the huge scale of many of her missions, her high status, and the diplomatic implications. She named it Barsen'thor, after her title, and had it painted white.

The sight of the unique, recognisable cruiser in a world's orbit leaves worlds all over the Republic and neutral space - and even some worlds in the Empire - in no doubt that all the assistance that they recquire is on the way.

Serenity is often resident in Barsen'thor's hangar.