Felix Iresso

Species: Human
Age: 20s
Homeworld: Rehemsa
Pronouns: he/him
Skin: dark brown
Eyes: dark brown
Weapons: sniper rifle, blaster rifle
Position: On permanent assignment with the Barsen'thor
Likes: leadership, danger for the greater good, honor and mercy
Dislikes: breaking the law, cruelty

Felix Iresso is a commissioned officer of the Republic military. Born in a refugee camp on Rehemsa, he lost his close friend and lover Milo Pellam when they were captured by a Sith Lord. Felix emerged with fractured memories, and was shifted from deployment to deployment, until being discovered by Brider and, on his request, taken into her immediate family unit on Serenity. Felix is kind-hearted, witty, warm, and protective of anyone he regards as under his mandate to protect. Recently, he has been considering moving on from Serenity to live and work with Theron. Brider values her relationship with him immensely, often relying on his ability to understand her after long and distressing missions.

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