Also Known As: Hunter

Species: Tsis ("Sith Pureblood")
Age: young-ish adult
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Skin: dark red
Eyes: bright red
Pronouns: [Imp. Strd. 2nd pronouns; Rep. Strd. he/him]
Weapons: blasters
Position: bounty hunter
Likes: respecting family, sharing, honour
Dislikes: injustice, cowardice

A Tsis born without sensitivity to the Force, Johqai is an outcast among his people, hiding his face and going without his family name so as to not bring more shame to his family and his people. He remains fiercely loyal to his people, but finds himself doing things technically illegal in the Empire in the name of Justice.

Eventually, he adopts a young Tsis girl and steals her away to protect her from the brutality and corruption of Sith training on their ancient homeworld of Korriban. He also takes a bounty on a mysterious and dangerous SIS field agent... who can't bring himself to shoot Johqai when his helmet is knocked off and he sees that he's Tsis, and not Force-sensitive. Johqai realises that his target, though human, is like him - someone who was not Force-sensitive when he was expected to be. It's the start of a friendship, and of an alliance.

--- -- ---