Chancellor Leontyne Saresh

Species: Twi'lek
Age: middle-aged
Homeworld: unknown (Taris ancestry)
Skin: yellow-green
Eyes: purple
Pronouns: [Twilekki feminine pronouns; Republic Strd. she/her]
Weapons: politics, strength of will, blaster pistol
Position: Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
Likes: freedom
Dislikes: cooperating with the Empire
Marital status: widowed

Supreme Chancellor Janarus was replaced by the charasmatic and intelligent Twi'lek Leontyne Saresh. Long before rising to lead the Republic, Saresh had been enslaved by the Sith Empire on the planet Edusa, where brutality and harship had defined every gruelling second of her childhood. Saresh never gave up hope for a life of freedom, and ultimately escaped servitude by rallying her fellow slaves against their Imperial captors. With the blisters from her Imperial shackles still raw, Saresh traveled to Republic Space and dedicated her life to ending the Empire's injustices. During the latter years of the Great War, Saresh emerged as a magnetic leader and worked to help refugees and former slaves find a new life in the Republic. She later protested the peace talks at the end of the Great War and watched in horror as the Empire burned Coruscant. Frustrated with the Republic's gullible and naive leadership, Saresh began an ambitious political career and aspired to one day weild enough power to eradicate the Sith Empire. Saresh's cunning political advisor, Aidan Vurt - a man she would later marry - crafted an extremely popular campaign that recalled her history as a self-liberated slave. As Saresh gained political sway, the Republic appointed the fiery Twi'lek as a Senator with governorship over Taris - Saresh's ancestral homeworld, which was still in ruins after a Sith bombardment centuries earlier. Saresh gained numerous allies when she put the reconstruction of Taris back on track after months of gridlock and false starts. Tragically, Saresh's husband was later killed, along with thousands of settlers, during the new Imperial assaults that consumed Taris. As the galaxy erupted into open warfare, Chancellor Janarus's career came to a sudden and premature end. The passionate and commanding Twi'lek leader Saresh then rode a wave of political support and public fervor straight to the vacant seat of the Supreme Chancellor. On that momentus day, Supreme Chancellor Saresh made a promise to the people of the Republic: she would elad them to final victory against the Empire - at all costs.

--- -- ---


“There is no way to leave history. There is no other place to go. As a diasporic person I’ve learned that it’s in fact really easy to leave your country. What is difficult is leaving its history, as it follows (or leads) you like a shadow.” --Aleksandar Hemon