Malavai Quinn

Species: Human
Age: adult
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Pronouns: [Imperial Strd. 2nd pronouns; Republic Strd. he/him]
Skin: pale
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Weapons: blaster pistol
Position: adjutant (and husband) of the Lord Wrath
Likes: rewarding hard work, honour
Dislikes: Sslfishness, betrayal, irrational behaviour

--- -- ---

She held up one finger and curled it, and Captain Malavai Quinn strode over. She looked to him, and he nodded. “If you would release them, my lord,” he said, and she let go, not rapidly; they lowered back to the ground with surprising gentleness.
“I trust you understand,” said Quinn sternly, “that unprofessional remarks should be confined to off-duty hours, and certainly not uttered under inspection protocols. Furthermore, such remarks being made about a compliance with Imperial protocols and regulation is enforceable as sedition.”

“You don’t know anything!” shouted Malavai. “You didn’t know him! You weren’t there!”
“Moff Broysc is a great man!” yelled Pierce, and Malavai actually snarled, like she’d only ever heard Sith (such as herself) snarl.

His desire for loyalty was naive, he hadn’t understood that being loyal wasn’t so tidy, being loyal means being disloyal to everything else. --Clarice Lispector