Master Jaric Kaeden

Also Known As: Watchman of the Order

Species: Human
Age: middle-aged to senior
Homeworld: [unknown; in the Outer Rim]
Pronouns: he/him
Skin: pale
Eyes: brown
Hair: grey
Weapons: lightsaber, the Force
Position: member of the Jedi Council
Likes: protecting the Jedi
Dislikes: endangering the Jedi

--- -- ---

“Was Master Kaeden born with that lightsaber up his ass?” complained Kira, as soon as the door had closed behind her.
“I wouldn’t know,” replied Praven, kneeling on his meditation mat, opening his eyes, the hint of amusement on his face.
Bela Kiwiiks turned her drinking bowl in her hand, watching the ripples. “Before the Sacking,” she said, “Jaric Kaeden was one of the most cheerful young Jedi I knew. The loss of so many on Coruscant… broke his spirit, to an extent. Now all that he speaks about is making sure it can never happen again.”

Scratch a cynic and underneath, as often as not, you will find a dead idealist. -- Joseph Epstein, Our Favorite Cynic (The New Yorker, Mar. 25 1996)