Also Known As: Legate, Sanewso, Cipher Nine

Species: Chiss
Age: 20s-30s
Homeworld: Csilla
Pronouns: he/him
Skin: blue
Hair: dark blue
Eyes: red
Weapons: blaster
Position: S.I.S. agent (defector from ImpInt, desk work on Coruscant)
Spouse: Vector Hyllus
Likes: diversity, people caring, cold weather
Dislikes: hot weather, the Empire, mind control

--- -- ---

Taken to the Empire at a young age after the death of his father on Csilla, Sanewso was partially raised by the old Keeper, who he came to regard as another father. It was always expected that he would follow his footsteps into Imperial Intelligence, which he did, rapidly gaining a Cipher position despite being one of two non-Humans in ImpInt. After Keeper was forced to kill Sanewso or brainwash him, however, Sanewso lost all trust in him, and by extension the Empire. His supposed double agent placement with the SIS as 'Legate' was genuine, and while he remained with the Empire briefly after Quesh, the effects of his seizures from the Castellan Restraints he was under made it impossible to maintain his position, and he requested extraction to the Republic. He left his loving husband, Vector Hyllus, in the Empire, which haunted him greatly; he knew that Vector was not yet ready to fully betray the Empire, and knew he had to trust his husband to come to him and the Republic on his own time and his own terms. Sanewso now works as a desk agent for the SIS in the Heorum Complex on Coruscant. He is very proud of his Chiss cultural identity, and is instrumental to the Republic pushing for their own treaty with the Chiss as relationships with the Empire break down.