Jedi Knight Volya Doneeta

Also Known As: the Hero of Tython

Species: Twi'lek
Age: young adult
Homeworld: Tython (Kalikori village)
Skin: blue
Eyes: brown
Pronouns: [Twi'lekki neutral pronouns; Republic Strd. she/her]
Weapons: Dual lightsabers, the Force
Position: Jedi Knight
Likes: heroism
Dislikes: slavery
Master: Orgus Din
Padawan: Kira Carsen

The Old Republic incarnation of my friend's beloved Jedi OC Volya, she's an impulsive, sometimes brash, and absolutely wonderful Twi'lek flygirl who loves Kalikori village. Her alignment is Light Side, but don't push her - she won't show mercy to slavers, and she will do almost anything to defend the people she loves. She she uses two lightsabers, with the hilts Orgus Din gave her on Tython, and two rare crystals - a pink one, and a black-blue one. There is one stronghold in her name - a complex base on Rishi that was reclaimed from pirates. She helps out the Republic Navy as an escort ship in her ship, Harmony, when she has the time to spare. She and Brider were childhood friends.

--- -- ---

It was hard to keep track of Volya Doneeta’s errands and who she was reporting to. When she worked alone, went the joke he’d heard the last time she’d dropped by, it was the Republic’s most efficient example of interdepartmental cooperation.
“Who am I to question whoever it is from on high. Go on, then, go do your job.”
Volya bounded up to him and hugged him. Smiling, he hugged her back. “May the Force be with you,” he said when she steppped back.
“And with you,” she said, sincerely, then was all mischief again, throwing him a cheeky salute and heading back out of the safehouse, her astromech companion on her heels.