Amphiboly: uncertainty arising from ambiguous grammar (ἀμφιβολία / amphibolía, Anc. Greek).

Apotheosis: the process of becoming a god (apo + theos, Anc. Greek).

Cupola: small, often domed, structure atop a roof or building (cupula, Latin).

Idiolect: a language/dialect/way of speaking unique to an individual (idios, Greek, + dialect, Eng).

Monkery: practices of monasticism, or a place where monks live (monk + -ery, Eng).

Namelings: people with the same name (name, Eng, + -ling, Old Eng).

Scripturient: having the strong urge to write, often incessantly (scriptum, Latin, + -entem, Latin).

Tor: a large rock outcropping emerging from a grassy hill - or, the hill itself (tẁrr, Old Welsh).

Weft: in weaving, that which is woven from side to side, crossing with the warp (wefta, Old Eng).

Weltschmerz: world-weariness (welt + schmerz, German).

Xiphoid: with the shape of a sword (xiphos + -oid, Anc. Greek).