Þindarin - imlad ("glen, deep valley") + rist ("cleft").

cawing crow . sprouts

she's not a bad kid,
she had to do it.

it's a beautiful baby 3000-year-old hermit.

disabled. not transhuman as in tryborg but transhuman as in done with humanity. may be one of the Good Folk (don't eat anyþing in this website, and don't listen to the music). please do not assume i am cisgender or heterosexual. chronically ill, autistic, etc. favourites here.

uses æ and þ more þan ð. very complicated butch. genderless knight et delphic oracle. (wife=flower) + (i=tree) = grow through pavement. non compos mentis. my adopted pixels are here.

unfortunately, i'm wary of sharing much about my academic passion focus, because it's a tragically small field, and i might get Recognised :(

any claims made i was dragooning somebody (forcing them to do what i say) are false. in actuality, i was dragooning them (setting dragons on them).

how to refer to or address me (if you absolutely must): here oder hier auf Deutsch.

i am an: abnormality • agitator • alien • analyst • androgyne • annotator • apologist • bluebell • bookworm • breaker of unjust laws • changeling • churl • conspiritor • creature • cryptic metaphor • cynic • diasporic • dreamer • dyke • dysfunctioning executive • elf • entity • handfasted • heretic • introvert • fae • fist-fighter • freak • friend • fully-realized creation • joan of arc • kindly stranger • knowledge-keeper • leftist • librarian • liminal space • mænad • mean lesbian • monstrosity • moon-screamer • mother figure • motherfucker • mutant • murder of crows • mx. • mysterious stranger • mystic • narnian • nerd • oak tree • omen • otherkin • outcast • outsider • part of the wild hunt • philosopher • poet • portent • quitter • scholar • sparring partner • storm • strange woman lying in a pond distributing swords • survivor • theophagist • theorist • truthteller • vaguely disreputable wizard • vulcan • writer

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i believe in elves i love green elves are people too i love winter anti-social space gay jedi grammarian butch dity butch glorified esoterica starfleet science officer homoerotic subtext i am cringe but i am free book collector black cats are lucky can open, words everywhere 2 hormone 0 gender actually autistic i love storms space lesbian i love my online friends evil autism schockolade read more poetry i love my femme


i love being autistic don't follow the path, make one do not chide me lotr noncompliant don't let school interfere with your education fuck gender



  • ravens
  • fantasy
  • forests
  • mediæval things
  • grammar
  • my wife
  • graphics


    a picture of a forest i use the force a blue picture of a foresti support the oxford comma i love starry skies if your villains have scars your heroes should too down with cis casual gamer This user likes moss on public walls. i have no gender only rage citation needed autism pride